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Initiation to photography

Unit 1. You and your equipment 


Lesson 1.1 The eye of the photographer


We will analyze the three main issues that should be taken into account to take not only visually powerful photographs but also loaded with a personal message.


Lesson 1.2 Composition


We will study the framing, the rules and the basic principles of the composition. Also the students will learn the graphic elements in photography. Additionally, we will discuss the light and the color within the composition which will allow us to create interesting images with a message.


Lesson 1.3 Cameras


We will analyze the main features of digital compact cameras, digital reflex (basic, standard and professional) and cell phones.


Lesson 1.4 Objectives


We will study the main characteristics of the ultra wide angle, wide angle, standard, telephoto, super-objective, zoom and macro lenses.  Also we will study essential concepts such as focal length and perspective.


Unit 2. Technique and theory


Lesson 1. Exposure


During this lesson you will learn fundamental concepts such as:


  • What is exposure?

  • Exposure triangle (ISO, aperture and shutter speed)

  • Exposure combinations

  • Light measurements (matrix or evaluative, center or weighted and spot)

  • Exposure modes (manual, shutter priority, aperture priority, programmed and subjects)

  • Exposure compensation

  • Dynamic range

  • Histogram


Lesson 2. Essential concepts


We will learn to master essential aspects of digital photography such as:


  • Focus (modes, tips and elements)

  • Color temperature

  • White balance

  • JPG and RAW files


Unit 3. Basic image editing


Lesson 3.1 My process


I will show how I edit my images, always respecting the essence of the landscape.

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