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Landscape photography

Unit 1: Master your team


Lesson 1.1 Photographic equipment


We will study the photographic equipment that landscape photographers usually use (cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, etc.) and how to get the most out of students' equipment.


Lesson 1.2 Basic technical aspects


In this lesson we will study the most important technical aspects for landscape photography such as:


  • Camera exposure modes

  • Diaphragm and depth of field

  • Focus

  • Focus stacking

  • Diffraction

  • Hyperfocal distance

  • Measurement of light in landscapes


Unit 2. Landscape photography challenges


Lesson 2.1 Characteristics of natural light


You will understand how light can positively impact your photographs, from sunrise to sunset and dusk. You will also understand how the color temperature, intensity and contrast of the light change during the day and depending on the season and weather conditions.


Lesson 2.2 Research and understanding


You will understand the importance of preparing each of your photographic outings through research and analysis of the location, light, weather, and necessary permits. We will study the calculation of the solar path and Apps that I usually, for example Photopills, The Photographer`s Ephemeris and Accuweather.


Lesson 2.3 Night landscape photography


We will know how to solve the main challenges of this type of photography. For example, how to compose the photo when we see nothing through the viewfinder, how to calculate the exposure when the exposure meter is not reliable, and how to focus when the AF does not work?


Lesson 2.4 Long exposure photography


You will learn to program your camera and solve the main problems of this type of photography.


Unit 3. Importance of knowing how to compose photographs


Lesson 3.1 Composition


We will study the framing, the rules and the basic principles of the composition. Also the students will learn the graphic elements in landscape photography. Additionally, we will discuss the light and the color within the composition which will allow us to create interesting images with a message.


Unit 4. Edition of my photographs


Lesson 4.1 Edition


I will show how I edit my images, always respecting the essence of the landscape.


Photographic output


On the second day, we will visit different natural landscapes in order to practice our lessons and solve all the questions that may exist.

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