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Unit 1. The eye of the photographer


Lesson 1.1 Composition


We will study the framing, the rules and the basic principles of the composition. Also the students will learn the graphic elements in photography. Additionally, we will discuss the light and the color within the composition which will allow us to create interesting images with a message.


Unit 2. Material


Lesson 2.1 Photographic equipment


We will study the main photographic tools (cameras, lenses, filters, flashes, intervalometers etc.) that are usually used to document a trip as a professional does and how to get the most out of students' equipment.


Lesson 2.2 Camera controls and functions


We will study the main functions offered by most cameras and learn to use them depending on each situation.


Unit 3. Research and preparation


Lesson 3.1 Everything ready


You will understand the importance of preparing each of your photographic outings through research and analysis of the location, the light, weather and necessary permits, but always being ready to face the different situations and unforeseen situations that we find in a travel.


I will also offer recommendations or good habits to consider when arriving at the destination such as familiarizing yourself with the environment, knowing the strategic points and taking notes.

Unit 4. Photography


Lesson 4.1 Light and lighting


We will analyze all the types of lighting that you can have in your travels and how you can use them to give your images greater visual power.


Lesson 4.2 Exposure


In this lesson you will learn to expose your photographs “correctly”. For which we will study concepts such as: ISO, shutter speed, aperture, light measurement (matrix or evaluative, center or weighted and spot), exposure modes (manual, shutter priority, priority opening, programs or themes), exposure compensation, dynamic range and histogram.


Unit 5. Topics


Lesson 5.1 People


We will analyze the main aspects of portrait photography that are necessary to handle to take pictures of our portraits or groups on our trips.


Lesson 5.2 Landscapes


We will analyze the characteristics and peculiarities of photography in each of the following scenarios:

  • Mountains

  • Snow, ice and glaciers

  • Deserts

  • Coasts

  • Jungles

  • Rivers and waterfalls

  • Lakes and reflections


Lesson 5.3 Urban environments


We will analyze the characteristics and peculiarities of photography in each of the following scenarios:


  • Urban landscapes

  • Architecture

  • Urban details


Lesson 5.4 Daily life and festivals


We will analyze the different scenarios and photographic challenges that we must face to document the daily life or festivals of the community that we are visiting.


Unit 6. Back home


Lesson 6.1 Selection


I will show my workflow. Also we will learn to be self-critical with our work and to carry out an efficient process of review, selection and deletion of files.


Lesson 6.2 Edition


I will show how I edit my images, always respecting the essence of the landscape.


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